Such a big topic & although we are biased by offering mortgage broking as a service, this is not about critising the banks because at the end of the day we all rely on them to lend money.

From an outcome perspective, the biggest difference comes down to having choice & finding solutions to your needs. The lending landscape has become such a complicated minefield, in which lenders differentiate between fixed vs variable rates, interest only vs principle and interest repayments, investment vs owner occupied, business loans, business overdrafts, development funding, construction loans and the list goes on.
Furthermore, how they choose to assess your credit history, understand your income and appetite they have towards the property you are purchasing can differ greatly from one lender to another.

If you where to walk into one bank and you fail to fit into their mould, unfortunately you may be told what you want to achieve is not possible. They are not obliged to tell you to go to a competitor.

A good mortgage broker not only needs to understand one lender, but the entire market. Their job is to listen to you and your needs and find a tailored solution.

A good mortgage broker is also one that is not ‘transactional’. It is not just about setting up your loan and never hearing from them again. What is the strategy to actually pay the debt off? What are the goals and where is the ongoing relationship?

Benefits of a Mortgage Broker


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