Getting your finances in order requires the right team.

Think of any team sport. You’re the coach. Your job is to ensure that each player is in the right position executing their roles so a positive outcome can be achieved.

Organising your financial life is no different. Too often we see people say they’ve acquired all the team members but there is one of the most important ingredients missing – communication.

Imagine all those players on the field trying to execute their roles without communication. Without anyone calling for the ball or organising those around them to assist each other. Now picture your mortgage broker attempting to structure your loan without considering the tax implications? Without understanding exactly how you as a self-employed business owner is structured and then having to paint a picture of your business to a credit manager at a bank. Imagine this during such a crucial and often stressful moment in which you are looking to obtain funding for the purchase of a new property?

This goes to show each member in your team whether it be your accountant, mortgage broker, financial advisor or legal professional need to be working together to one common goal. You.


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