Steps to buying your first home!


  1. Book in with us to assess and estimate your potential borrowing capacity.
  2. Understand the costs involved in buying a home, for example: Stamp Duty, Mortgage Fees, Transfer Fees and other fees. This is something we can go through with you.
  3. Review your current finances and cut the dead weight.
  4. If you are not able to get the ideal finance arrangements immediately, consider taking part in our TYM ™ program which allows you to see how you go with making the full mortgage repayments which we will save and it will go towards your house deposit, set you up for a great habit of making the payments on time and get you ‘home ready’.
  5. Apply for the pre-approval
  6. Search for your new home!
  7. Submit an offer – subject to finance, of course.
  8. Your offer gets accepted? If so, go to step 8. If not, go back to step 6 (or 5)
  9. Pay the deposit.
  10. Organise a building inspection and pest inspection.
  11. Your Loan gets approved! Yippeee
  12. Wait until settlement day
  13. Settlement day comes and you are now the proud owner of your very own home.