Investment Loans

Investing in your Future.

When it comes to investment loans it’s important that you secure the right loan to ensure you meet your investment goals. 

At Your Lending Solutions (YLS) we can help make sense of the various investment loans available and talk to you about how best to set up your investment finance. We will discuss issues like tax breaks, gearing and repayments as well as how best to manage your investment loan using features like redraw, offset and additional repayments.

The right investment loan can make property investment a stress free and rewarding experience so call Your Lending Solutions (YLS) today on +61 3 9841 8111 or email us at and let our experts help negotiate a competitive deal for you.


  1. Will help you on your path to financial freedom
  2. Is a separate income 
  3. Assets in this category usually grow in value over time (appreciation)

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