Broker vs Direct to Bank

Such a big topic & although we are biased by offering mortgage broking as a service, this is not about critising the banks because at the end of the day we all rely on them to lend money. From an outcome perspective, the biggest difference comes down to having choice & finding solutions to your […]

Creating your “A-Team”

Getting your finances in order requires the right team. Think of any team sport. You’re the coach. Your job is to ensure that each player is in the right position executing their roles so a positive outcome can be achieved. Organising your financial life is no different. Too often we see people say they’ve acquired […]

Lending Glossary

GLOSSARY Annual Percentage Rate (APR) The interest rate applied to a loan, expressed as an annualised rate. Effective Interest Rate (EIR) APR The nominal rate per annum, adjusting for compounding, and including the cost of all contracted repayments and other fees and charges both upfront and ongoing, on an annualised basis. Simple Interest Rate In […]

AMM’s announcement on the Corona Virus Epidemic

  A MESSAGE FROM AUSTRALIAN MONEY MENTORS ON PREVENTING THE CORONAVIRUS FROM INFECTING YOUR FINANCES Navigating your options whether it be restructuring lending applying for hardship etc. can be for some overwhelming and time consuming Already in trouble or just concerned about getting into trouble or just want to talk call us for a chat. […]

Buying a House Checklist

  Steps to buying your first home!   Book in with us to assess and estimate your potential borrowing capacity. Understand the costs involved in buying a home, for example: Stamp Duty, Mortgage Fees, Transfer Fees and other fees. This is something we can go through with you. Review your current finances and cut the […]